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Where we're headed…

Company History??… Obviously, we don’t have one… we’re a start up. But if you were looking at this page in 2025 this is what you’d see.


Far & Wild is set up in Cumbria's newest and coolest office on the Edenhall Estate near Penrith. The initial focus of the business is Africa & the Indian Ocean – and from day one – it's clear that Far & Wild has a unique voice in the crowded tailor-made travel sector.


Now firmly established as an Africa specialist, the arrival of new staff in the past year with specialist knowledge of Latin America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, and the USA, means that the company is now officially a ‘world-wide’ tailor-made specialist… we are on the way to realising our purpose.


After a year of trying, the company finally gives up on its attempts to be a paper & printer free office. We fail, but the point is that we tried.

This embodies the Far & Wild company culture. We are open minded to opportunity and will try everything. And actually more often than not we succeed. For example this year we became a member of the #PlasticRevolution by successfully banning all single use plastics from office life. Our office became a milk bottle, biro, water bottle, disposable coffee cup free zone. It wasn’t easy but it made us feel good, and sent a message to others that the environment matters (it is after all the raw ingredient that all our holidays are based on) and that we can all make a difference.


The office is now a teeming termite mound of activity… well ok…slight exaggeration - but staff numbers are now well into double figures. We recruit and retain some of the best talent because as well as working hard, we have a lot of fun. Our team are choosing the Lakes over London because in the course of this year – we have learnt to fly-fish, entered a team into the Lakes Triathlon, climbed Helvellyn, sailed on Ullswater, partied in London and skied in St Anton. Yes all organised and paid for by the company.

All this on top of the standard diet of educational travel to the four corners of the world that all our sales consultants do every year.

This year saw us start to use lots of ‘awards logos’ on our website because we were nominated in the British Travel Awards & the World Travel Awards in various categories. This has really helped us grow our following amongst the travelling public… but deep down we know that marketing value aside, they are relatively meaningless. So we kept our heads down and focus on doing what we do best… listening to our customers and delivering quality holiday experiences.

This year, we invaded the American market. Yes, we’ve always had a toll free number for US customers, but this year, was when we really ‘cracked’ it stateside – opening up an office with a full time staff member, and gaining membership to exclusive travel agent networks.


Far & Wild gets ever more international. We now have staff working in Cape Town, Nairobi, the US, London and the Lake District. This has happened because our customers want it… we keep the focus on serving our customers.


We started the year with a headcount of 25 in the main office, 5 UK based home-workers and 6 people in satellite offices around the world. Our cosmopolitan team is comprised of 14 different nationalities - which as well as making for a vibrant workplace, also enables us to organise holidays for speakers of French, Swahili, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Afrikaans, Dutch, Hindi, Polish, German & Italian. We are well on the way to world domination :-)...


We celebrate our 10th anniversary with a huge party.

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