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Our Purpose & Mission

We understand that for most people, their holiday is about the most important and expectation vested two weeks in their whole year. So we have to be dedicated and clear sighted in delivering great service and exceptional experiences.
Our Purpose

We provide people with their dream, tailor-made holiday.

How We Achieve It Listening well, thinking differently & acting clearly.
Doing justice to this responsibility by organising an exceptional holiday - one that exceeds expectations - is what animates every part of our activities as a business. It’s an exceptionally hard thing to achieve, that requires an exceptionally dedicated and talented team.” — Ben Morison, Company Founder
Meet Our Founder

Experience at the helm

Founder and Director Ben Morison has worked in travel for 17 years. He grew up in Kenya and South Sudan and has been closely connected to travel & Africa all his life. In 2004 he set up a specialist travel company called Imagine Africa, based in the UK. Over the course of the next 10 years, he grew the business to include worldwide holidays and renamed it Imagine Travel. In 2014, with Imagine Travel having become one of the leading tailor-made travel specialists in the world, Ben decided it was time to explore some other opportunities and sold the company. It continues to thrive under its new ownership.

Working with Far & Wild Travel Be part of a fast growing, innovative & entrepreneurial business. Help us build something special